About Us

ÖZCAN UMBRELLA, which started working in 1972, produces products in various dimensions and mesures. It is a modern company which sends its product range to domestic market and exports its products to European countries as well.

With its machines having the best technology nowadays and the staff, expert in their field, ÖZCAN UMBRELLA is a firm presenting various umbrellas mostly, which produces rain, beach, restaurant and sun umbrellas for different purposes.

With its Research and Development studies, ÖZCAN UMBRELLA is a pursuer of novelties and developments in the world. With its constantly developing projects and investments, ÖZCAN UMBRELLA presents different choices to its large customer portfolio without compromising its quality.

Telephone firms, banks, food, and drink frims in their developing studies have preferred their brand logos to be placed on ÖZCAN UMBRELLA products since 1972.

As it has been since 1972, the brand ÖZCAN UMBRELLA aims to continue as a preferred and a rising value in the future, too.

1972 de

20m²lik küçük bir atölye ile Koca Mustafa Paşa'da Cevdet Özcan tarafından kuruldu.


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kapalı alanda üretim.


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